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Jeremy Parker

President / Business Growth Specialist

" I love what we are able to do at Practice Preferred because every day we are given the opportunity to help dentists all over the country regain control over their quality of life, their time back where it matters most, all while increasing their practice productivity and bottom line. When it comes to business, the numbers are king, but for me, I prefer looking at it as we are helping the dentists we build a relationship with in paying off their student & practice debts faster, their kids tuition before they're in school, their mortgage, and so much more than just adding to the ever important profit margin!"

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Colin Riebel

Director of Business Development

Colin's background has taken him coast to coast and overseas working in the entertainment industry as a lighting, sound, and video designer and programmer.

During his time at multiple venues, he kept picking up and gaining expertise in different fields: website design, graphics, CRM/Automation, marketing, and customer development. He brings this broad and unique perspective to bring the best results possible for our clients.

Colin oversees and handles all of Practice Preferred "behind the scenes" and is the one making sure all the services we run for your practice keep ticking. 

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