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Web Presence Hosting  |  Marketing  | In-Office Training | SEO  |  Design Creation  |  Video Assets  |  Branding  |  Metrics Tracking

Web Presence Management

Website Development  |  Website Rebuilds  |  Website Hosting

With 8 seconds to make your first impression, it's no secret a dominating web presence with a beautiful website is an absolute must in the world today if you're trying to obtain new patients organically! At Practice Preferred we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to know what works and what does not when it comes to winning over your demographic! The main priority of your website is to attract new lifelong dental patients each and every month on autopilot.

Dental Marketing

Google Ads  |  Facebook Ads 

With 80% of all new business coming in the form of mobile interaction, you simply can not afford to not be marketing your practice on Google, Facebook or the strong approach, both! Pay per click lead generation is the strongest tool for experienced marketing teams to use to pinpoint your ideal patients in your demographics, get your practice in front of them, filling your schedule on autopilot with new opportunities each month to turn new faces into smiling lifelong patients. 

Search Engine Optimization

Citations  |  Backlinks  |  Google My Business  |  Google Map Pack

If someone in your demographic is in need of dental services they're going to either know a dentist, ask a friend, or google "dentist near me".  Once they land on "dentists near me" page whoever is ranking the best gets to be at the top of the page one results, leading to them getting the business if they like what they see on your site. Use yourself as an example, "dentist near me", knowing you don't skip over all the providers on page one to go to page two or page three of the results to find who you're looking for, why would you assume your potential patients would? Page one results are the most sought after real estate on the internet, once on page one the amount of organic traffic coming in will be too much too handle for some, but desired by all! If they cant find you, and don't see you, you will never earn their business. 

In-Office Training

Inquire today to have the Practice Preferred team in your practice to take a hands on approach with your staff teaching them the exact methods used in a multimillion dollar dental practice to ensure you reach your goals in pursuit of peak performance dentistry!

Schedule your free assessment today and the practice preferred team will get your practice on the path to peak performance dentistry!

Design Creation

Logos  |  Marketing Material  |  Adsets

Let us create the assets you need to succeed. A great logo will set you apart from the rest and make your presence instantly recognizable in your community. Take it a step further by ensuring that all of your signage, web content, social media, etc. are cohesive. It's one big puzzle, and we'll make sure all the pieces fit together.

Video Assets

Logo Intros + Outros  |  Social Media Videos  |  Office Tours  |  360 Tours  |  Testimonials

Video is the new king of the online world. If your practice isn't utilizing video, you're missing out on massive potential. We'll turn your logo into an animated intro that will grab patients, old and new, and encourage them to walk in the door. Stand out among the competition with interactive 360 tours of your practice, invite potential patients to tour your practice giving them a personal connection before they even call you to schedule! 


 Social Media Package  |  Business Cards + Printed Assets

Brand or be branded, if you don't let your demographics know who you are and what your practice stands for the market will do it on your behalf. With that being said, who would you rather represent your company or the market your against? We ensure your brand not only differentiates from your competitors but connects you with your ideal patients, and builds customer trust and loyalty with human connection 

Metrics Tracking

Analytics  |  ROI  |  Growth

If you cant keep track of where and how you're spending your budget, odds are you're wasting quite a bit of money. The numbers don't lie and when it comes to Practice Preferred each month our clients are given a monthly analytic report right in their inbox showcasing that specific month's growth and progress.

While others unwilling to change with times & adapt are closing their doors to corporate takeover, it's time for you to take action, protect your legacy & make your private practice thrive!

Let's take your first step to peak performance dentistry today!

~ Jeremy Parker

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